The countries with the highest level of development of the insurance business include: USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. Insurance market of the United States of America. The American insurance business has a huge scope and is unmatched in the world. American insurance monopolies control about 50% of the total insurance market in the industrialized countries of the world. Over 8 thousand property insurance companies and about 2 thousand life insurance companies operate in the USA. Each state has its own insurance legislation and its own supervisory authority. There is no unified federal law on insurance and a single federal body for the supervisionRead More →

According to the experience of many countries, the availability of deposit insurance funds contributes to the stability of the banking system and the steady flow of deposits into banks. At the same time, insurance funds are created through contributions from banks themselves. The risks of possible delays in the return of deposits are laid out in small shares between all commercial banks. As international experience shows, the formation of deposit guaranteeing institutions is accompanied by the creation of specialized supervisory institutions, the restructuring of the banking system, and internal and external audits. Only close coordination of the work of these institutions allows us to maintain the stability ofRead More →

The French insurance market is currently one of the largest in the world. Today, France ranks fourth in the world in terms of premium income. By the beginning of 2007, 650 insurance companies worked in the French market (132 of them were foreign), 145 companies specialized in personal insurance, 505 in property insurance. The insurance sector employs 211 thousand people, which is 1% of the working population of the country. In institutional terms, the structure of the French insurance market can be represented as follows: 55.2% are joint-stock companies, 43.3% are mixed (public and private), 1.5% are state-owned. Despite the small number of state insurance companies (7Read More →

Environmental risk insurance began to develop in the 60s. XX century with the introduction of special rules of environmental responsibility in the laws of various countries, as well as in international standards. In the practice of developed countries, insurance in the field of environmental management compensates for losses incurred by the environment and “third parties” at the expense of the market participants themselves, and not the state budget. This enables the state to allocate more money to preventive measures, to carry out restoration work more clearly and effectively. The formation of this type of insurance in the EU countries and in the United States took place atRead More →

As is known, the United States has an “Anglo-American” system of law (or, as it is also called, the system of “common” or “case law”), the main feature of which is that lawyers consider that the law in it is not the exclusive source of law. judicial precedent plays an important role with it, the law defines only the most general conditions, the legal framework of economic activity, without detailed regulation. Within the framework of the case law, in accordance with the principles of economic federalism in the United States, a decentralized model for regulating the insurance market is being built. There are no uniform fundamental federalRead More →

Introduction Insurance market statistics The largest and one of the most diversified national economies of the world is the US economy. It is the engine of the global economy. The USA is the largest global insurance market. The modern insurance market and business of the USA have no equal in the world and are notable for their large scale and diversity. Insurance companies provide 3 types of insurance: 1. Life Insurance (life and health insurance, medical, retirement, savings, etc.); 2. Commercial (wide range); 3. Property of citizens (implies insurance of buildings, cars and other property of citizens). The greatest development in the United States received personal insurance. ItRead More →

The organization of medical insurance in the United States In the United States of America, healthcare is very high-quality and high-tech, but at the same time very expensive. Not every American is able to pay for treatment at full cost without significant damage to the family budget, especially if it is a serious or chronic disease. Historically, in America, every citizen must take care of his own health, and there is no compulsory medical insurance in the country, nor is there a duty of doctors to treat you for free, except in emergency cases. [eight]. If a citizen has a good job and a stable income,Read More →

In the US, there are two types of insurance companies: joint stock companies; mutual insurance companies. State insurance firms do not exist. Shares of joint-stock companies can be purchased by both individuals and legal entities. Insurance companies provide three types of insurance: commercial (wide range); property of citizens (buildings, cars, etc.); personal (backfire) (life and health insurance, medical, retirement, savings, etc.); The greatest development in the United States received personal insurance. It is divided into: life insurance (death insurance and insurance-contribution); rent or pension insurance; health and accident insurance. Death insurance. The contract may be concluded for a fixed term or for life. This type of insurance in theRead More →

The United States is an advanced power with great production capacity and enormous development potential. The scale of development of the insurance market in individual countries of the world is largely characterized by the degree of development of the economy and society, the degree of development of their relations at the international level. Among these countries is the United States, relatively young in the insurance business, but who have achieved the highest development of insurance so far. Insurance in the United States is carried out by numerous insurance companies, and the types of insurance services are extremely diverse. According to the insurers, most types of insurance bringRead More →

Consider the organization of insurance in foreign countries on the example of the United States. The insurance tradition in the USA is already one and a half hundred years old and it seems that everything is insured. According to the American Insurance Information Institute, the leader in the US insurance market is auto insurance for individuals, the volume of insurance premiums is almost 4 times faster than homeowners insurance. The total insurance premium collected in 2002 in the United States was about one trillion dollars, but the US share on the world market is steadily declining due to the more dynamic development of the insurance marketsRead More →