Often Ignored, You Must Know 8 Meanings of Symbols That Are Always Available in Each Makeup Package

If we buy makeup, try to pay attention to the back of the packaging. Usually there will be a small symbol, which serves to provide information about the cosmetics we use. But, many of us still ignore it, here. Usually, because they don’t understand the meaning of these symbols. In fact, the meaning is very important and has the same effect on the quality of makeup you buy, you know. Instead of being confused, consider some of the meanings of symbols that are usually present in cosmetic packaging on this market, let’s say.

1. Period After Opening (PAO)

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If we examine it, this symbol often appears on the makeup package that we buy. Curious what does it mean? It turns out that the function of this symbol is to tell how long the product can be used after opening. Keep in mind that all makeup is safe to use for the long term after the packaging is open. So make it a habit to follow the recommendations as stated in the product, yes. Don’t, because at a glance, it still looks good or is dumped because there are still many, you still wear it. For your facial health too, how come!

2. Leaping Bunny

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As we know, some makeup will use animals as their test tool in developing the products they have. Hmm … how come it’s really true, these animals have become the media for testing the makeup we use? So sad, does it feel like that? Well, if you find this rabbit symbol it means that the product you are using is free from animal testing . So the making doesn’t hurt any animals. Yeay!

3. Mobius

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Maybe this is one of the most familiar symbols in our lives , huh? Really, this indicates that the packaging makeup that you use can be recycled. Usually to help reduce the use of plastic and protect our environment too.

4. Ecocert

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Many products claim that the goods are organic goods. This is usually marked with the ecocert symbol above. If there is the word ” organic “, it means that the ingredients used are 95 percent organic plants. But if there is the word ” natural ” it means that only 50% use organic herbs .

5. Hourglass

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This unique hourglass symbol means that the product can only be used in less than 30 months. This symbol is also usually accompanied by an expiration date. So understand, right?

6. Leaflets

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This is usually obtained when buying cosmetics which bundling with the leaflets, here. In the pamphlet there will be various information about the ingredients contained in the cosmetic products we buy.

7. Flame

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If this must have been known, it would mean a lot, huh? Yep! meaning the product that has this symbol is flammable. It is better to avoid storage at high room temperatures. Usually products containing high alcohol have this symbol.

8. E-mark

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To get this symbol, the number of products in one production cannot be less than the number stated on the label. This is a symbol of Europe requirements. In essence, you only get what you pay for.

That is the meaning of 8 symbols commonly found in makeup products that we buy. Don’t just use it, huh. It is very important for us to know the symbol, moreover this can involve our health too. So don’t be confused anymore!

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