10 Side Business Opportunities at Home with Small Capital

As we get older, every human’s life needs will also increase. If in the past we were only thinking about how to buy books and school needs, now the burden of our minds is increasing by thinking about how to pay for food every day, paying vehicle installments, housing installments, electricity, savings , and so forth. Especially as independent adults who may live far apart from parents . Not to mention, thinking about the prices of basic necessities which are soaring. It feels, not enough of our monthly income to finance it all.

It might have been thought to take a side business opportunity, in order to get additional income. However, the power of our time which is very limited in fact is not always able to support that desire. As a result, the plan remains a plan. We also prefer to put the brakes on spending rather than increase revenue. In fact, various experiences that we have had during college or when working in the previous office can be utilized to open up side business opportunities and increase income.

However, you should choose a side job that is different in type from the main work that we are going through but still related, so that we do not feel the double difficulties. For example, our current profession is as marketing communication staff that focuses on product marketing, so choose a side job as a copy editor or illustrator, depending on other skills we have based on experience, and vice versa. Or, you can also take advantage of the resources that you already have at home. Like, if you like photography and have photography equipment that is quite complete, you can make the profession of a photographer your side job.

Well, here are 10 side business opportunities that you can do at home with small capital and can add to your savings!

1. Administrative Support / Assistant for those of you who are happy to process data

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If you like to record and make administrative planning, you can work off to administrative support / assistant . Today, freelance jobs have begun to emerge as administrative support that works remotely . So you can still do administrative work, such as data entry , become a virtual personal assistant, as a customer service , data validation section, or reply to email. To do this work, you only need to use your favorite laptop. Although precision and precision is needed to do this work, this administrative work is indeed not as heavy as the work that requires dynamic physical movements.

2. Copywriter / Copy Editor for those of you who are good at processing words

This one side job also requires your writing skills to make a slogan for a promotion or advertisement. You can also be assigned to create content and interesting captions to be uploaded on social media. Well, to do this work, you only need to reference various interesting advertisements on the internet along with your magical brain. In fact, you can also get inspiration from the things around you, you know. So , what you need most to be a copywriter is ideas and ideas!

There are also other jobs in the field of writing for those of you who are good at finding spelling mistakes in writing, for example the lack of letters in a word, lack of words in a sentence, and like to justify grammar in a writing, both in Indonesian and foreign languages, you can take side business opportunities as a copy editor . Usually, the types of companies that need the services of a copy editor are book publishing companies (fiction, non-fiction, and humanities), print and online mass media , and various sites that rely on published content.

3. Earn Income Through Your Interest in Education as a Curriculum Developer

Not only being a teacher, your interest in education or a discipline can also generate side income, you know. This one job is definitely needed by various educational institutions, as well as teaching staff who need assistance to develop a curriculum that is more optimal. This one job can be done at home and use online communication facilities to find clients and exchange information.

4. Glad to Imagine Having Your Own Company Logo? It’s Time for You to Work as a Logo Design Maker!

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Even though there have been various sites and online logo maker applications that can be downloaded for free, in fact the logo design services are still needed by several companies, especially startup companies . One of the skills needed by a logo design maker is to be able to create an original logo illustration and be easy to remember or digest for those who see it.

5. Take advantage of your expertise in language as a transcriber

Learning a lot of languages turns out to have many benefits, you know. Besides being a translator, you can also become a freelance transcriber to increase your monthly income. Usually, companies that need this position are research institutions, mass media, and several other multinational companies to support their business activities and performance.

6. Can’t Get Rid of Smartphone and Social Media? Become a Social Media Specialist !

To become a social media manager, the obligation that you must embrace is to package a message to be disseminated to the public and ensure that there are no mistakes in writing, so that the content that has been disseminated will not cause polemic in the future. In addition, you are also tasked with managing all social media channels and increasing engagement , such as followers , comments and likes .

So what you need to become a freelance social media manager is your favorite smartphone and laptop . Not only that, when there are problems that are complained by customers or consumers of the company where you work, you also need to be able to mediate between companies and consumers, in order to create a win-win solutionbetween the two parties. If you have good qualities as mediators and problem solvers, you can take this one business opportunity!

7. Make Your Gambling Hobby a Source of Income by Being an Illustrator!

Besides photography, you can also use your hobby to draw money to make money that can be used to fulfill your life needs, you know. Unlike graphic designers who are more concerned with using tools and designing various graphic layouts in a content, being an illustrator frees you more in sketching and filling it with colors that match the image ofthe image in your mind . Usually, those who need the services of an illustrator are companies publishing books, greeting cards, advertisements , posters, web graphics , even various cafes and public spaces that require an illustrator to make murals on the walls.

8. For those of you who are happy to find unique names, freelance work as Naming and Branding the right consultant for you!

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Are you happy and hobby looking for unique names for a product or anything related to naming? Hmm, being naming and branding consultants can be your side business opportunity, here! Many companies need freelancers who are able to have creative ideas in terms of product naming, as well as branding strategies for each of their clients. Of course, to undergo this profession, you must be able to pay attention to the meaning of each naming by taking into account the identity, general and specific meaning, philosophy, and preparing the logo plan that you want to make. So, you only need your ideas, logical thinking, and notes to do this side job.

9. Voiceover Acting is suitable for those of you who like to talk but not confident in public

One of the side business opportunities that you can do if you like to practice vocal and narration, but you don’t like to appear in public, you can choose to be an acting voiceover. This side job requires voiceover vocal training, as well as taste and creativity, so that when you do an acting voiceover , you can make a sound that matches the situation of the storyline being played. This work is usually needed for advertisements, films, television shows, theater or concert shows, and video games . You can start using the recorder feature on your smartphone to practice vocal at home!

10. For those of you who are happy to tamper with the code you can try your profession as a freelance programmer

Usually, this work can only be done by those who major in information technology during college. However, today there are many short trainings that can help you master programming skills according to your interests. There are also many gamers who ultimately choose to become programmers, because they are used to cracking code to facilitate the victory of playing games! You also only need your favorite computer or laptop to be able to work freely through this one profession.

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