5 Tips for Wide Open Job Opportunities by Utilizing the Internet from Home

Finding work in this day and age has its own challenges and difficulties. Especially for those of you who have just graduated and don’t have much experience . In addition, it is not always easy to deal with recruiters which makes the challenge of finding a job more pronounced.

But in modern times like now, information about employment opportunities is everywhere. Many platforms even easily load job information that can be found even from home . For this reason, of course, as a job seeker, you must be more careful in looking at employment opportunities by using the internet by paying attention to the following:

1. Finding Opportunities through Networks or Relationships

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In finding a job other than relying on ability, you can also look for opportunities from people you know. Keep your communication with the people around you, because job information is often spread from one person to another, or the term from mouth to mouth. You must keep your ears open to be ready to receive job information. It’s possible, you get closer to work opportunities without you guessing. When you are in a position to find a job, tell the relationship that you think has the potential to provide employment information. Strengthen relationships with old colleagues, campus alumni, friends, neighbors, extended family and let them know what you are looking for. Take advantage of the internet to start greeting them again via chat

. You never know what opportunities you will get starting from asking about your news. This is also the time for you to begin to clarify what kind of career you are looking for, so that you can express it to others clearly when you say you are looking for work. If you feel your relationship is lacking, you can attend professional events, such as seminar job seekers or workshops according to your expertise. Then from there promise yourself to at least know 3 new people. Get to know slowly so that they can become your new relationship.


2. Optimize the use of LinkedIn

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Linkedin as a social media for professional work matters is one reliable way to find new jobs. It not only provides a platform for finding new relationships efficiently, but the search function on LinkedIn makes it easy to find jobs, people and companies. In addition, many recruiters are now using LinkedIn to find candidates through the platform , so maybe your profile will attract the attention of recruiters. Then try to be active on LinkedIn. The more active you are, the more reach you have and more people can see your abilities through the profile you display.


If you might not want your activities on LinkedIn to be known to others, you can make arrangements in the following ways:

  • Under the ” Me ” feature , scroll down and select ” Settings and Privacy “. Select ” Privacy ” then scroll down to ” Who can see your connections ” then select ” Only you “.
  • Scroll down again, click ” Sharing profile edits ” and select ” No “.
  • Scroll again and under ” Blocking and hiding ” you can block Connections from seeing your profile.

3. Take advantage of Social Media

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Social media can be a channel for thousands of information. Use it to follow accounts that often upload job openings. Besides that, you can also follow the social media accounts ofyour dream company to keep on updating when they open job openings. Or, follow certain hashtags like #Work Tunnel; #LowonganKerjaJakarta; #LowonganAkuntan so you can receive a lot of information. On social media

who has group features, such as Facebook, you can enter the job search group. It may be that the job search group matches your city, or according to the type of profession you want. There is a lot of information that is usually shared, even by fellow job seekers. You might be able to get a new relationship . But always remember to be careful, because you just know them in cyberspace.

4. Look for Opportunities on Job Portal Sites

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There are many job search portals that you can find on the internet. Usually each portal requires users to sign up and make the profile visible first. Create an account and complete your profile on the job search website . Always display profiles to the fullest, because we don’t know which sites opportunities will be present. The better the profile you display, the wider the opportunities that might be achieved. At each site, you can usually search for jobs based on location, position, or even expected salary. Lots of job information that you can get there so there are more opportunities that you can pick up. But also be careful of fraud and be more careful when looking at job information.

5. Use Cover Letter and the Right CV

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Cover letter alias job application letter and CV ( Curriculum Vitae ) are very important things to show who you are when applying for a job. Find out how to create a cover letterof interest and make a compelling CV . In addition to professional design and complete data, the CV that you have also should be tracked by the ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ). ATS is an automated software commonly used by companies to select CV job applicants. This software usually detects the contents of CV files that you create and compares CVs and job qualifications that exist.


But the disadvantage of using ATS is that job applicants cannot know whether the CV is tracked properly or not in the process of selection. For that to increase the chances of your CV being detected by ATS, you can follow these tips:

  • Always send CVs in file format according to instructions (Maybe Microsoft Word or pdf files).
  • Avoid using charts, images, or special types of formats. The design might look good, but it’s not necessarily readable by the ATS system.
  • Don’t mix different fonts and sizes in one sentence
  • Limit use of abbreviations if possible (For example, use ” Certified Public Accountant “, not “CPA”).
  • Adjust the CV for each job post. Review job openings and make sure that in the field of work experience, education and skills match the job opening keywords.
  • Save the resume as NamepnameName_PositioningDilamar.doc (for example: RimmaNatasha_Akuntan.doc). This may not affect the ATS, but it will be easier for recruiters to immediately find out the position you are applying for.

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