Only With Simple Equipment, 8 DIY Paintings Can Make Rooms So More Beautiful

One of the things that can beautify your home is by installing displays. Either in the form of paintings, wall art or family photos. Hmm … many of us want to put up paintings in Home because it will look very antique and homey . But, as we know the price for one painting is quite draining the bag. Well … Instead of buying, let’s try to make our own paintings. As reported by homesthetics, Using simple materials, we can channel our imagination through this DIY painting.

8 DIY Paintings Can Make Rooms So More Beautiful

1. Using fruits

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Fruits can actually be used to create works of art, you know. Like this lemon, how to cut fruit and dip the inside of the paint. Then attach it to the canvas according to the pattern being lightened.

2. Family hand print

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Want to make something very personal ? Maybe this handprint painting can be an inspiration. Bringing together the family handprint together, making paintings more meaningful, yes.

3. Make something unique with a balloon

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Who would have thought that balloons could also be a tool for painting? The trick is easy, really. Just mix the colors that will be used, stir a little, then dip the bottom of the balloon on the paint and press slowly on the canvas. Really funny, right?

4. Wood and rope for abstract painting

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Need abstract painting? Just use wood with the rope! The way is to attach a rope to a wooden box. Then dip it in the paint and paste it on the canvas with different patterns.

5. Make a flower pattern with lace fabric

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The flower pattern on the painting can also be made only from lace fabric, girls. Make it also quite easy, put cloth on the plastic and then color the cloth by using a brush. After flattening, paste it on the canvas. So it’s the flower!

6. For Kirigami as a display

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Kirigami or the art of cutting paper, we can also make paintings or displays at home, you know. Although it must be full of patience, but it is very worth it for display!

7. DIY quotes for display rooms

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Instead of buying a quote display in an online shop that is quite expensive. Mending to make it yourself, yeah. You can use a magazine that is in your home. Make the quotepattern you want, scissors and paste it on a canvas. Easy and good, right?

8. Turn dried leaves into unique metallic paintings

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If there are a lot of dried leaves in your house, don’t throw them away right away. You can use it as an ingredient for painting like this. Unique and really limited , right?

One of the issues that may decorate your residence is by installing displays. Either within the sort of paintings, wall art or household photos. Hmm … many people desire to post artwork in Home as it’ll appear very vintage and homey . But, as we all realize the fee for one portray is fairly draining the bag. Well … Instead of buying, let’s attempt to make our own paintings. As suggested by homesthetics, Using easy materials, we are able to channel our imagination by means of this DIY painting.

There are 8 DIY paintings that you can try at home. What? Easy and cheap right? Especially if you work together with your family, it will be really exciting! Good luck!

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