Difficulty Overcoming Insomnia? 4 These Simple Ways Can Help You To Be Able To Sleep Faster

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night is almost a problem for everyone. Can not sleep regularly, can only sleep at midnight, or even at dawn, it feels to make the body and mind become tired quickly. Not to mention this habit can also affect health. In addition, poor sleep patterns will affect our mood too, you know. Then how do you handle it? Maybe you can try applying these 4 simple but powerful ways to make you sleep.

1. Adjust the light of the room

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The first way is to adjust the light when going to sleep. Do you know, if it turns out we will be drowsy quickly if the light in the room is turned off or in lighting around 15 watts. When the light conditions around us are dark or dim, our bodies will increase the hormone melatonin which regulates our sleep patterns. This hormone will decrease when exposed to light and increase in dark conditions. So, try to sleep in a dark room or use a light sleeper, huh?

2. Listen to a soothing song

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Listening to a song becomes the second way so you can sleep fast. Choose songs that are soothing, such as ballads or piano instruments. Listening to songs can make our brain quieter, try turning it in a low volume and feel every tone that is played. Don’t focus too much on the contents of the song, just enjoy and let your mind calm down.

3. Count down the numbers

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Remember Mr.Bean who counted the number of sheep when he had trouble sleeping? It turns out that this method can indeed make us sleep fast, you know. If you don’t have the picture, you can count down from the number 100. Initially this will focus but for a long time you will feel tired and will fall asleep.

4. Writing a Journal

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Do you know that writing can be a therapy? Yep, writing can be a therapy to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. Because one factor makes it difficult to sleep, usually because of too many thoughts. Try it, before going to bed to start writing a routine journal. Tell me anything that makes you sad, anxious and even your activities that day. Don’t forget to write down what things make you grateful. This way your mind and heart will feel better, and you can sleep better.

Insomnia or hassle sleeping at nighttime time is virtually a hassle for everyone. Can stay awake regularly, can in common terms sleep at midnight, and even at dawn, it feels to make the physique and thoughts turn out to be drained quickly. Not to point out this behavior too can have an effect on health. In addition, poor sleep styles will have an effect on our temper too, you know. Then how do you deal with it? Maybe you’ll be able to attempt utilizing those four easy but robust methods to make you sleep.

There are 4 simple ways that you can practice. The point is always to condition yourself in a comfortable state, huh. It might be difficult at the beginning, but if you are used to this activity it will be very helpful. Good luck!

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