Take a break from work, refresh your mind through 7 art therapies stress relievers

Tired, not excited, and stressed . It feels like that is what we think about working a lot more, huh? I really want to go on vacation to get rid of fatigue, but the same time budgetis often not supportive. Calm down, no need to go to vacation, how come. There are exciting activities that you can do at home to make your mind fresh, you know. Namely, through art therapy. What are you curious about?

1. Create a postcard with your own theme

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Making postcards can be an exciting activity for stress relievers . You can make it according to the style you like. Shhh … if you are with someone else you can write your impressions here and burn them, as a symbol if you want to be released from the memories of the burruk. You can also send sweet words through this card to your loved ones.

2. Create collage artwork from used magazines

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Have piles of used magazines? don’t throw it away immediately. Turning it into a work of art, let’s go. One of them is through this collage. Cut out the parts you like, rich favorite quotes , idol photos, or OOTD styles that you like. Then put it all together by stacking with each other. Take out all your crazy creations and ideas here, you can also use this collage for room wallpapers , you know!

3. Describe the contents of the song

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Do you know, besides listening to songs you can also delete tired by describing the contents of the song . Try it, take a paper or book and listen to the song according to your mood . Let your hands draw, follow the tempo or represent the lyrics of the song. Your feelings will feel more peaceful.

4. Quote motivational image

Motivational and positive words can stimulate our brain to remain calm and happy. Choose your favorite motivational quote , continue to make it into colorful writing. When you feel badmood or stress, you can just see the quote that you made. Let me not give up easily.

5. Keep your old clothes clean so that they look new

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Isn’t it because of appearance? Try to make new clothes, let’s go. No need to buy, just have a little clothes you have. All you have to do is add ribbon, lace or maybe some patterns to your liking. Besides adding creativity, you also have new clothes, yeah!

6. Rearrange the room

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Another way to refresh your mind and body is to try a new atmosphere. One of them is by rearranging the rooms. In addition you will move a lot which will lead to the hormone of happiness, having a new atmosphere in the room can also eliminate boredom.

7. Planting

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The last is farming. Planting also includes art activities, where your hands are as tools and plants as ingredients. No need for big ones. You can start by planting your favorite flowerin the yard around your house.

7 stress activities above can be an alternative to relieve stress. No need to be expensive especially to vacation abroad, if something simple is rich, this can make us happier and fresher again, right?

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