These 8 Simple Habits Can Help You Stay Healthy Even though You Have to Stay Late in Doing Your Tasks

Who often stays up late because of doing assignments or thesis? What do you usually do if you stay up late? Coffee? Hmm … don’t be harsh, girls . Although the effect of coffee can make us literate overnight, but if it is consumed too often it is not good for health. Instead of drinking coffee, you can apply 8 healthy habits below, let’s! Simple but good for our bodies who like to stay up late.

1. Drink plenty of water

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One of the reasons we find it difficult to stay up is usually suffering from sleepiness due to fatigue. If this is the case, surely the edges will drink coffee or soda. Do you know girls , even though our bodies can be refreshed just by drinking water, you know. Because one reason we are easily sleepy or tired from experiencing dehydration. So, replace coffee with drinking lots of water, huh!

2. Adjust the room temperature

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We can’t concentrate if the room temperature is too hot. One solution is to adjust the temperature of the room so that your study is comfortable. Keep in mind that the temperature should not be too cold. The best temperature can be measured by you who already feels it is not too hot.

3. Eat snacks

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Do you often feel like you’re fast in the morning or even when you go home from school? Snacking snack ONLY! But still choose healthy snacks like high-protein fruits or nuts. This can also make your mood rise again.

4. Listen to your favorite song

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Listen to your favorite songs, can relieve stress and relieve fatigue. If you are already dizzy with assignments, try taking a break and listen to your favorite song. It won’t be long before it will be uplifted again!

5. Don’t be forced, a short break is not prohibited

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Hard work can, but don’t forget to rest. If you feel tired, try to break for a while. Can with simple relaxation rich take a long breath or lie down for 10 minutes or just do simple stretching so it doesn’t hurt. This can make your brain fresh again.

6. Turn your mind for a moment to something else

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Too long to do the same thing, sometimes it makes us lose focus. The way to overcome it can be to shift your mind briefly to something else. Like drawing or hobbies that you like for how many minutes. This will restore your focus, you know!

7. Stay no to sugar!

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Foods that have high sugar intake can make our mood and energy easy to rise. But, at the same time can make our sleep patterns get worse. Duh, don’t let me, the frequency of staying up late makes your sleep pattern more messy too. So if you can replace it with healthier foods like fruit, huh!

8. Eat gum

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Do you know, one way for easy concentration can be obtained only by eating gum? Not only that, chewing gum is also good for our jaw health, you know. But it must still be remembered to choose the no sugar one !

That’s 8 simple but healthy habits that you can do for those who like staying up late doing tasks. Staying up late can you just be a girl , but health is also important and still must be maintained, huh!

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