Let’s Wisely Use the Internet With These 5 Media Social Ethics

Now, who can live without the internet ? Social media for example, with just one tap you can connect directly with many people, girls ! But be careful, its unlimited use can make you addicted to gadgets and even worse it can result in social sanctions and even law! Well, so that these bad influences can be minimized, let us know the following 5 social ethics:

1. Think before uploading something

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Everyone is free to express themselves. But in social media ethics , it would be better if you think first before uploading something. Does it really have benefits for yourself, even others. Because you know or not, our uploads will be seen by many people. So , if your post will roughly invite netizens’ negative comments , it’s better not to upload it.

2. Don’t write status containing negative content and hoaxes

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Each front page of the social media will definitely ask ” What’s on your mind? “, Whether on Facebook or Twitter. But be careful of girls, the column should not be filled with negative content containing hoaxes or hoaxes . It’s best to write something positive and useful.

3. Tells things that are privacy

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Today it is difficult to distinguish between the realm of privacy and the public. With social media, things that were originally supposed to be self-consumption, will automatically become a discussion of the wider audience. So be careful when uploading photos and writing something on social media. Unless you don’t mind your personal life being public consumption.

4. Don’t play gadgets when you’re hanging out with friends

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Have you ever, how come you have times of quality time with friends but are you busy with your own gadgets ? Lost valuable time chatting with others. Even though previously it was very complicated to arrange time to meet, but just after hangout , it was busy with each other’s virtual world. Well, you better not play gadgets when you’re hanging out with friends, huh? Isn’t meeting them so rare? So , enjoy quality time with friends without interference with social media notifications.

5. Not everyone is willing to name it marked on social media

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Not a few people are more respectful of their privacy and don’t want all the activities they do to be uploaded on the blog. As a friend you should be able to appreciate the decisions he made. That he prefers that his activities are not used as public consumption.

Now, who can reside with out the web ? Social media for example, with only one tap you possibly can attach immediately with many people, ladies ! But be careful, its unlimited use could make you addicted to items or even worse it might consequence in social sanctions or even law! Well, so that those bad affects might be minimized

Yup, that’s the ethics of social media that I hope you can understand in order to be wiser in using social media. As you know that something that has been uploaded on social media is really easy to spread right, girls?

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