9 Unique Restaurants from Around the World Will Make Your Culinary Desire Up in Class

When the tagline of a restaurant offering something different, usually things that we encounter is a unique food menu or view the beautiful scenery. But, this time the phrase seemed to go up to class when we saw what could be enjoyed from 9 unique restaurants from various parts of the world, girls . Ever imagined eating a fancy restaurant on the air? If not, first take a look at the 9 unique restaurants below.

1. Sail over the Dubai sea while enjoying the interiors of all glass yachts

Savour a romantic dinner creek cruise together with your different individual as Bateaux Dubai gently steers you down the magical Dubai creek.

By renting a cruise ship from Bateaux from Dubai, you can find the sensation of eating that is not forgotten.

2. Eat under the legendary cave in Italy

That said, I was named Grotta Palazzese , it has often been used as a place to eat since the 17th century, you know. Wow!

3. Brrrr … Is it cold full of snow, what kind of food would it be nice to eat?

Located on the border between Switzerland and France, this all-snow scenery will certainly make your culinary desires satisfied.

4. In this Russian restaurant you can eat while enjoying the view from a 360 degree viewpoint

Named The White Rabbit , here you can eat while looking at the sights of Moscow City in a 360 degree perspective. Cool, right?

5. Who is not happy to eat with a view like this? Only in Greece, here

Santorini does not die, eating with a unique view like this makes the stomach and eyes feel spoiled

6. For those who want to travel to Belgium, don’t forget to stop by eating here

Established since 2006, this restaurant has aired to 55 countries, girls . Ciba checks at Dinner in the Sky if you’re curious, huh .

7. Not only money can be stored here, food is also available in full

Located in New York City, this former bank vault room that has not operated is guaranteed to make your eating sensation different.

8. For those who like detective films, try to eat in this safe house

To eat here, you must say a secret password first. Just like a secret agent, huh?

9. Dinner on the seabed while accompanied by fish? Who does this say is impossible?

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is a suitable dining place for those of you who claim to be sea lovers. Cobain eat here, yeah.

When the tagline of a cafe providing anything different, often issues that we encounter is a distinctive meals menu or view the lovely scenery. But, this time the word appeared to move as much as magnificence while we saw what might be loved from 9 distinctive restaurants from diverse elements of the world, women . Ever imagined consuming a posh restaurant on the air? If not, first take a seem to be on the 9 distinctive restaurants below.

Are you interested in visiting one at a time above? Or maybe you have a recommendation for your own unique restaurant version? Try to share in the comments, yes!

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